I received my training through the Leadership That Works "Coaching for Transformation" program. My style focuses on your intrinsic power, heart-energy and vision of what's possible. Our coaching will be grounded in anti-patriarchal racial equity.    



Drawing from my MBA classes and experience working with dozens of organizations (as a Board member, executive and staff), my style homes in on your team's existing strengths that drive success. I clarify your desired outcomes and offer a responsive strategy to achieve your stated needs.   



Using a strengths-based format, I co-create agendas and dialogue experiences with you. My style encourages one-on-one, small group and large group activities to connect as humans, as peers and as team members. I include brief centering exercises throughout the agenda.  



Trained at the University of New Mexico Law School, I mediate to support restorative justice. My style holds quiet, firm presence for you to communicate directly and choose resolutions. I ask questions to learn what's important about the issue to you and other parties, before asking "What's possible?"